Finema is working on exciting cutting edge technologies like
decentralized identity and zero-knowledge proof applications. In this digital era, big corporations are incredibly powerful because they are managing enormous amounts of data going through the online world everyday, including your personal data. These people have the power of using your data without your knowledge pretending to be YOU at any time. At Finema, we are putting this superpower back into the people’s hands by giving them back control of their own data. So we all can step into a new digital world with confidence and peace of mind being in charge of our own data and identity.

Come join our force
to pave a new way for the world citizen. You will get to solve real problems that matter, make a positive impact, and initiate your own ideas. Let’s be your own version of a superhero by empowering people through technology with us! Ready to be in a front-row seat of the identity technology revolution?

Finema Group

Quantum Technology Foundation (Thailand)

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Our office

Athakravi Building 1, Sukhumvit 26 (Near K-village)
BTS Phrom Phong (Exit 4) / MRT Queen Sirikit national Convention Center (Exit 1,4)

Working Hour

Official Mon - Fri 10:00 – 19:00 , 11:00 - 20.00 (Flexible)

  • Flexible working environment

  • Above-market salary

  • A healthcare plan

  • Multicultural

  • Alcohol free - flow

  • Activities Club